Debt collection

The key to succcess is different in every single debt collection file.

Factum Incasso will contact your debtor immediately after receipt of your file to find the reason(s) for non-payment. Often a compelling -external- voice is enough to assess the reasons for non-payment of your invoice(s). Should your debtor offer a payment plan, this will be discussed with you first and thereafter confirmed to your debtor. Should there be any reaction or payment from the debtor, Factum Incasso may visit the debtor on site. The impact of a personal visit combined with the notification of a last payment possiblity before legal actions will in most cases provide a solution of payment.

In case your open invoice -despite our efforts- cannot be recovered in the amicable phase, Factum Incasso offers a nationwide network of bailiffs to initiate and execute possible legal procedures.

Factum Incasso offers these services throughout The Netherlands.

For your open international open debts, we provide solutions via our partnership with Qllective; the international debt collection network. Qllective is a worldwide network of debt collection specialists who recover your open debts with the knowledge of national laws and requirements together with regional debtor knowledge, ensuring a maximum result.