Factum debt collection

Expierenced in Dutch and international business, I have decided by the end of 2017 to start Factum debt collection. At one hand to also prove myself as independent entrepreneur, at the other hand also to fill the gap in the market for high quality and effective debt collection.

Factum debt collection is a full-service supplier for Dutch and international credit management, with one big difference; Factum debt collection only provides services for B2B files. In choosing  specifically for B2B debts, we do recognise our market potential is smaller, but this also enables us to work on your specific files with a high quality due to avoiding the high volumes of B2C files.

Moreover, Factum debt collection has a modular company structure; by outsourcing supporting processes as e.g. accountancy, ICT  and other processes which do not belong to our core activities, maximum time remains for the actions we excel in; effective  and fast debt collection results.